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Residential Real Estate Transactions


Buying a house


Ms. Navarro represents individuals and businesses that want to buy, sell or lease real property / real estate...read more at "Buying a House"


Selling a house


If you are selling a home, the legal real estate services provided by the Law Office of Janet C. Navarro include...read more at "Selling a House"


Short Sales


Generally, a "short sale" is when the sale price of a property is less than the amount of the mortgage(s) on the property...read more at "Short Sales"




If you are purchasing a bank-owned or REO property, i.e., property owned by a lending institution/bank as a result of a foreclosure...read more at "Foreclosures"


Mortgage Modification


Homeowners having difficulty paying their mortgages and undergoing a hardship such as loss of a job or death of a spouse may be eligible for a loan modification from their lender...read more at "Mortgage Modification"